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My first novel in my five-part YA fantasy series, Boundless Magick, is now available on Kindle and paperback. It’s been an exciting ride, with lots of positive feedback and great sales results. The novel spent the first 2 months of its release on Amazon Kindle’s top 100 in YA  for Historical YA fiction, which was an exciting accomplishment for a self-published author with only one novel under her belt. The advertising I set up to accomplish this was minimal. I boosted a few posts on Facebook here and there and set up a Pay-per-Click advert on Goodreads. For the most part, I let my work speak for me. I also relied heavily on social networking and connections with my friends and family to help spread the word. In an effort to keep the momentum going for the series, I’ve begun contacting reputable bloggers with an established following for reviews and interviews (something I should have done ages ago), as I intend to release book two, The Hopi Mask, by the end of this year. Presently, I’ve only queried a few dozen bloggers. Many of them have replied with interest to read and review Boundless Magick for their websites. I have lots more querying to do, and will do. Meanwhile, if you’re a blogger interested in reviewing my book or hosting an interview with me, please shoot me a message.

For those of you not familiar with Boundless Magick, you can find a summary below, as well as links for purchase. Be advised that I am running a .99 cent special for my US buyers on Kindle from March 10-17. UK buyers will see a similar special a few weeks from now as well, which I will be certain to shout out when the time comes. Should you wish for an autographed PDF copy from me, I’m charging .99 cents per copy. Should you wish for an autographed copy on paperback, I charge $11.00 USD. (Shipping is free in the continental US.) Outside the US, shipping costs are quite expensive, but if you purchase through me, I will sell you the book for $7 USD, and only charge what I pay for shipping. Email me through my contact form for details.

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Boundless Magick Summary:

Seventeen-year-old Abigail Stone lives in exile on present-day Block Island, magically binded because of her family’s unseemly past. But, one night, during a freak stable accident, her powers mysteriously return.

Abigail has enough trouble grasping the idea that she can suddenly make magic. She doesn’t need the added complication of facing capital punishment for severing a Council-enforced bind. Fortunately, the Council agrees to spare her life. However, they cannot ignore the dark and dangerous force that she has spawned in their world with her crime. They order Abigail to the sixteenth-century kingdom of Adehya, where they secretly train her to defeat the evil she conjured, which now threatens to destroy the cosmos.

The Council’s plan backfires when Abigail falls for an off-limits prince. Their forbidden romance leaves Abigail powerless and at the mercy of the only entity that can help her fulfill her destiny: a vengeful Wiccan goddess who wants Abigail dead.

Harry Potter meets Twilight meets the Tudors in this fantastical tale of a teenage witch who struggles to come of age in the wake of discovering her role in a deadly prophecy. Pitch a blanket tent, get a flashlight, and hunker down. Let this YA historical fantasy take you to a place where Wiccan royalty rule the world, boundless magick is the order of the day, and crushing on your trainer’s fiancé may well cost you your life.



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Bonsoir! I'm Lowvee Cole: musician, author, and closet chef. I've been making beats, telling tales, and vandalizing kitchens since Cindy Crawford's mole got its first editorial feature. Recently, I combined my fondness for storytelling and witchcraft to pen the first book in my five-part YA fantasy series, Boundless Magick. Now I can't seem to pry myself away from my keyboard without feeling that I've left a bit of my soul behind. When not composing music or penning the swarm of novel ideas buzzing around in my head, I enjoy reading, drawing, and glamping (glamor camping) with my husband and children. If you are a blogger, newspaper, or magazine interested in doing a feature on me, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you! View all posts by Lowvee Cole

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