Dear Music: I’m Cheating On You

Dear Music:

I’m cheating on you.

As you know, I’ve always had a soft spot for the written word. Until recently, I never cared much for them in books. I got my fix through your lyrics. After an album purchase, I would lock myself in my bedroom, slap the disc on spin, flop down on my bed with the lyric booklet, and ingest every word. Anyone can write a hit song, but to compose a set of lyrics that speak to your core and leave your fans feeling inspired to the point they must compose your own set or they will simply cease to exist, takes talent. Tori Amos and Eminem come to mind when I think of such artists. Yes, I said Eminem. Have you ever read his lyrics? Not only are they clever, but poetic, with just the right dose of badass to make teenagers forgive him for it. And Tori Amos, well, she is my muse. Always pushing the envelope through her whimsical often bizarre tales, she doesn’t need to lick hammers while straddling a wrecking ball or wear meat dresses to wow her audience. Her work is her talent, not her looks. Although, in my opinion, Tori is adorable.

Enter Adulthood.

Music, I found myself wanting more than you could give me. More story, more conflict, more resolution. A long, drawn out happy-ever-after. Any successful musician will tell you that they don’t have that kind of time to make an impact. Listeners tune into radio for a quick fix–to hear what an artist has to say in a nutshell. The songs must brief and catchy, or risk falling on deaf ears. In my own experience with songwriting, I often found it difficult to trim my lyrics down without leaving them lacking in depth. Eventually, I started to feel this way about songs written by others. Even those written by Tori. Suddenly, the sweet buzz of literary bliss I experienced after ingesting a booklet of lyrics was gone, and I was left feeling weary.

I turned to reading for fulfillment, with JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone being the first novel I read from cover to cover. With the turn of each page, I was drawn deeper into Harry’s world, until I felt as if I were the knobby-kneed kid with bad hair and a knack for Patronus Charms. After reading the sixth installment of the series, I realized I didn’t want to wait to find out how Harry’s journey ended. So in 2006, I wrote my own version of JK’s seventh novel, titled, Harry Potter and the Battle of the Scourge. I then created FantasyFicWorld, a Harry Potter Fan Fiction site. There, I posted the story and also hosted fan fiction works of fellow artists. From that moment on, all I wanted to do was write.

I had found my soul-mate, my great love.

After several years of FantasyFicWorld being one of the top-performing Harry Potter Fan Fiction sites on the net, I shut it down. The work of maintaining it left me with little to no time to create. I spent more time formatting and posting other author’s creations and juggling comments and requests from our readers, I had little time to write. Though I searched, I couldn’t find anyone willing to help me run the site as thoroughly as I’d done, so I said goodbye to my baby. At first, I caught some flack from fellow authors and readers for my decision, but I’m the kind of person who feels that if I can’t give something 100%, I won’t waste my time or insult my fans by continuing on with it just to say it’s out there.

Fast forward to today. I’m the proud author of a five-part YA fantasy series, called Boundless Magick. After five years of plotting, writing, pulling my hair out, and re-writing, I published the first installment with the same title in December 2013. Presently, I am penning the followup, The Hopi Mask. Also in the works are a period piece, a YA gay and lesbian romance, a work of YA science fiction, and an women’s romance novel. I have many more books ideas on paper, but the aforementioned creations are developed far beyond the plotting stages, most of them nearly complete.

Now Music, don’t fret. I still love you. But you’re going to have to take a back seat to Novel Writing. I still plan to record with you. After all, who doesn’t love a quick roll in the music hay from time to time? My newest song, “Hear Me,” is in the works, and I hope to get down and musically dirty with you soon.

Until then, I think of you fondly and will always hold dear the heartfelt stories we created together. . .




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