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Boundless Magick – A YA Historical Fantasy


Seventeen-year-old Abigail Stone lives in exile on present-day Block Island, magically binded because of her family’s unseemly past. But, one night, during a freak stable accident, her powers mysteriously return.

Abigail has enough trouble grasping the idea that she can suddenly make magic. She doesn’t need the added complication of facing capital punishment for severing a Council-enforced bind. Fortunately, the Council agrees to spare her life. However, they cannot ignore the dark and dangerous force that she has spawned in their world with her crime. They order Abigail to the sixteenth-century kingdom of Adehya, where they secretly train her to defeat the evil she conjured, which now threatens to destroy the cosmos.

The Council’s plan backfires when Abigail falls for an off-limits prince. Their forbidden romance leaves Abigail powerless and at the mercy of the only entity that can help her fulfill her destiny: a vengeful Wiccan goddess who wants Abigail dead.

Harry Potter meets Twilight meets the Tudors in this fantastical tale of a teenage witch who struggles to come of age in the wake of discovering her role in a deadly prophecy. Pitch a blanket tent, get a flashlight, and hunker down. Let this YA historical fantasy take you to a place where Wiccan royalty rule the world, boundless magick is the order of the day, and crushing on your trainer’s fiancé may well cost you your life.

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