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I Will Remember You


Copyright 2007 Lowvee Cole


There are people and places

made to carry us through our travels in this world

Some leave bad, some good traces

But with every little bit, there lay a lesson in those ruins


Sometimes, we run so far, so fast

we miss life’s meaning

Sometimes, the years, they whisper past

we get lost, and we soon forget

But I could never forget, no.


I will remember you

I will remember you


Now your journey is over

Mine’s just pulled into the lead

I can only hope that I mirror

the love, the faith your spirit grew here


The gift of your grace

will live on in me for now and all eternity

And when I leave this place

I pray that I’d have left half the mark you’ve made

Oh, what a beautiful mark you’ve made.


I will remember you

I will remember you

Let your sweet, sweet memory fill my mind

And in the kiss of that moment, I will celebrate your life

I will remember you

I will remember you



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