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You Are Gold

Copyright 2013 Lowvee Cole

Stars are out tonight

aligned up on the street

granite, pink, and brass repeat

And every step I take

your history falls at my feet

Another five points of arms reaching out to me

You are gold

You are bad

You are what I want to be

In every home

On every stand

In every heart

In every beat

You are gold

Yeah, I’m diggin that

You are gold

Yeah, I’m diggin that

Oh, oh, oh.

Paparazzi flashing images of you

They cash your happiness as proof

That all good things begin

with “Look at me!” and “Here I am!”

A hollow shout out

and I’m eatin’ out of your hands

I wanna be rich

Cue the flunkies

I wanna be glam

Photoshop me

I want a new life

The Hollywood scene


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